The golden triangle


If there is one spot in Paris that translates Exquisite Elegance, it would be the area shaped as a triangle; the Pont Alexandre III at a corner, the Petit Palais on one side and the Grand Palais on the other side of this upside down isosceles triangle.


Le Petit Palais is a masterpiece of beautiful classic and balanced proportions.

IMG_4646“Les Bas Fonds du Baroque, La Rome du Vice et de la Misère” exhibit is attracting many visitors.

facadedetail.jpgLe Grand Palais , a chef d’oeuvre. The structure was built in the style of Beaux-Arts architecture as taught by the École des Beaux-Arts of Paris.

IMG_4652Flamboyant and majestic.

entree.jpgL’immortalité devançant le Temps by George Récipon.

victoire.jpgL’Art decoratif (1900) by Emile Lafont

statuedentree.jpgLe réverbère, an item omnipresent in Parisian streets …

lampions.jpg… and littérature : “Le Petit Prince” and his allumeur de réverbère.


IMG_4656Frescos I had never noticed before.


detailsfresque.jpgL’Art romain (1899)  by Louis Clausade.

IMG_4650Across from the Grand Palais, you’ll see this little private mansion which is one of the most renown gastronomic institutions in Paris today, Lasserre.

IMG_4662Moving on to my all time favorite bridge, Le Pont Alexandre III.

thebridge.jpgAdele, too,  found the bridge so inspiring that her music video for the song “Someone Like You” was shot on the bridge in 2011.


Detailpontalexandre3.jpgFour gilt-bronze statues of Fames watch over the bridge. On the right bank, Fame of the Sciences and Fame of the Arts. Then Fame of Commerce and Fame of Industry on the left bank.

IMG_4666Lastly, upon my son’s visit, I found out that one of the “it” clubs in Paris was located under the bridge,  Showcase  . This vast venue, in converted boat hangars below Pont Alexandre III, is where music-crazed insomniacs come on weekends to discover up-and-coming bands and dance until daybreak.


 However, my preference goes towards the MiniPalais Bar Lounge, an exquisite place to sip a drink with an outstanding view on this golden triangle.


It is commonly said here:” Les goûts et les couleurs, ne se discutent pas.”

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  1. faranak mansour says:

    :)Aprés tant de tours, tu arrives encore à me faire “voyager”. Un vrai talent. Le charme discret d’Arianejoun?!

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