When speaking of Magnum, for some, this is what comes to mind:


For a younger crowd, a Magnum is …


Un pêcher mignon.


Or, Tom Selleck, Magnum, P. I – cute detective series my mom loved to watch in the eighties.

 I somehow relate to all three images above. But today, let’s focus on photography Photography, as a passion and hobby, was revealed to me recently. I always had a very acute sensibility for images without ever considering looking thru the lens. One of the major reasons being the lack of time. As a single mother, I had my hands full with my beautiful and gorgeous children (that’s how an unbiased mother sounds like). I am a passionate mother, which often drives my children crazy but this is another chapter …). Today, things are different. I think I achieved a percept I always stood by: “Give your children roots of responsibility and wings of independence”. In other words, I am left with TIME. That precious element which often lacks in our lives.

07155a18133358ab004775653cf7090bSo for the late bloomer that I am, Magnum speaks for the Magnum Photography, the international photographic cooperative owned by its photographer-members.


Today, our destination will be L’Hotel de Ville for the Magnum exhibit.

depart.jpgTook the bus 39 from home.

allaboard.jpgGot off at Hotel de Ville

facade2.jpgThere is an outdoor skating rink right in front of the city hall.

patinage3.jpgI love skating. Skating has always been part of my life. Be it as a child in Germany or at The Ice Palace in Tehran and of course later, in Toronto.


This gentlman was really into his pirouettes and crossed chasse.

He made me think of that very amusing sequence where Plushenko, Russian Olympic medalist danced on Tom Jones’ Sex Bomb.  Moving on to the surroundings, there is a merry-go-around and…


lovers …lovers everywhere.carrousel.jpg

charliehebdo.jpgCharlie is still very present. 

welcomenote.jpgWelcoming words from Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris.

gallerie.jpgI started taking pics. The venue is majestic and very well chosen.

expo.jpgSkillfully displayed pictures and diaporamas.


Oeuvre.jpgThe theme is, of course, Paris; its beauty, its flaws, its strengths and its aches thru the eyes of the great photographers such as Robert Capa, David “Chim” Seymour, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and many more belonging to the Magnum group.

twinview.jpgI was having a blast enjoying the pics and taking my own shots.

posterJPGWhen a charming watchman walked up to me and said: “Mademoiselle” ( sight!!!) please do not take any pictures, bien sûre, there are no signs so I tell the patrons myself”. I was embarrassed, however his “Mademoiselle” touched a fine spot!

femme au chienBeing inspired by the shots , I pulled out my camera as soon as I walked out.


10yearslater.jpgand lovers. On the right bench there is the “before” and on the left bench the “after”…


Across from the Hôtel de Ville there is the BHV/Marais department store. A sibling of the Galeries Lafayette with only one other store in Beirut, Lebenon. 


Time to head back home. Bus 39, a joyride across the narrow streets of St Germain.


  1. Faranak Mansour says:

    Làààààààààà!Chapeau! Tu nous a bien bluffé! tant de péché mignon à partager!!!Glace, Série télé et enfin l’expo. Tu es d’une exquise compagnie! Merci et BRAVO pour ce talent caché Arianejoun!

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