Madrid is Loco!


If Paris and Madrid were to be compared to two women, I’d choose respectively Catherine Deneuve and Rossy de Palma.

While Catherine Deneuve represents elegance, sophistication and class,

ef88f4ddd03801752263ad645f4f7687Rossy de Palma is boisterous, oozes conviviality and is genuinely emotional and vibrant, just like Madrid.

1e2a8a7a6bbdb3345002ef92c44caa18Having said that, let me take you on a stroll thru Madrid then you’ll be the judge of it.

Bear and the Madroño Tree, heraldic symbol of Madrid

Bear and the Madroño Tree, heraldic symbol of Madrid


Gran Via panorama

The Metropolis Building

The Metropolis Building

The landmark was built between 1907 and 1911 after a design by the architects Jules and Raymond Février. The original statue was replaced in 1975 by a statue of a winged Goddess Victory.

building.jpgBank of Bilbao (nowadays BBVA) building in Calle Alcalá was built in 1919 by architect Ricardo Bastida y Bilbao ( 1879-1953).


Telefónica Headquarters

Detail of the Bank façade

Postoffice.jpgThe Central Post office with an amazing lounge at the rooftop ( just trust me)

archade.jpgAround Plaza Mayor

statuemadrid.jpgClueless about my whereabouts. By keeping my nose towards the magnificent buildings, I got exquisitely lost …

Atmosphere.jpgGetting lost makes me thirsty and only in Spain a gin tonic is served in such majestic manner.

Gintonic.jpgMoving on to more street sights; a little impromptu concert

musicians.jpgUnder the watchful eyes of Francisco de Quevedo

fransico de quevedo while walking on Cervantes’ first lines of Don Quijote



Ahhhh Flamenco.

After all the stomping, this is how I see the street artist in Plaza Mayor


 Everything sells

joojeh.jpgGuess Who?


Balcony.jpgSo many beautiful things to see

middlefinger.jpgHowever , keep an eye above your head

lezard.jpgYes, above your head, there is a whole universe hanging


And while the Chef is flirting…

2cooks.jpgthe bait is already out there … Jamón cones

jambonor jamón bites…

snack.jpgVous avez dit Jamón?

springcow.jpgThen time to head towards the San Miguel Market. This is me, before entering the market, dignified and composed.

meandsanmiguel.jpgThe famous jamón cones

jambonbon.jpgCheese debauchery

cheesebar.jpgOlive skewers

50shadesofolives.jpgAnd to wash it out, freshly squeezed mojitos

Mojitos.jpgA glimpse at the ceiling before leaving for lunch.

sanmiguelcharpente.jpgThe most exquisite Sushi restaurant on the corner of Plaza Santa Ana, a few steps away. Being a citizen of the world, experiencing food is a whole chunk of my identity.

bierresushi.jpgThat sushi restaurant was simply superb. It complemented the tapas, was cosy, the armchairs cushy and the music was superb.


sushimirror.jpg“Le monde de Madrid est plus futé qu’ici.” Corneille



  1. Faranak Mansour says:

    Je viens de faire un petit tour avec toi à Madrid à la découverte de la face cachée! On voit ton regard d’architecte à travers ce que tu nous montre. J’adore tes prises de vue! !Pas seulement BRAVO mais aussi MERCI! C’est un réel plaisir de faire un saut c% Arianejoun!

  2. ariane says:

    Merci d’avoir apprécié cet humble hommage a ta ville Katia- Il y a tant a faire et a découvrir mais so little time!

  3. Katia Tólcheff says:

    Oh ma chérie, merci pour cette belle visite à Madrid à travers tes yeux! J’ai toujours dit que MADRID est une ville moins belle que Barcelone, mais elle a, effectivement, un charme fou. Quant au flamenco, à Joaquín Cortés… Sin palabras.

  4. Chérion says:

    So very travel over the horizon of Madrid all things to discover. Bravo Ariane . Xoxo!
    Next one Barcelona…

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