December 16- Mother’s Day in Iran


Mother’s Day is celebrated in various countries around the world though in each country the date on which it is celebrated may vary.


Most countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.


The early history of Mother’s Day dates back to Persians, Greeks, and Romans. Celebrating love in general and expressing love and respect towards mother in Persian Culture trace back to pre-Zoroastrian era, long before Zoroaster’s time.


However, during the Shah era (1941-1979) Mother’s Day was celebrated on 25th day of Azar, the ninth month of the Iranian Calendar which coincides to  December 16, today.


As long as I remember, given the fact that I was born during the Shah’s era, I’d hear and and see my mother celebrate my grandmaman on Azar 25 .


I ‘d always feel guilty for that matter because being raised abroad, I would not really relate to this date. December’s main focus was Christmas and perhaps Yalda.  Like most children in european schools, I’d work meticulously on my arts and crafts project in school then bring it home with pride and excitement for  the second Sunday of May


In present-day Iran, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 20 Jamaadi Alssani (aka Jumada al-thani) of the Islamic Calendar, which is the birthday anniversary of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (the prophet Muhammad’s daughter from his first wife Khadija)… A date I really do not relate to!

I wish my mother was with me so I could treat her …10665066_10154846052900427_1708381435178930304_n

to a nice cup of coffee and some cake


Before becoming a mother myself, I could not grasp what being a mom meant. Of course, I would feel her love


 I’d applicate motherhood in art …


Henri Moore, Mother and Child

in movies …


and in littérature


But it’s only when I became a mother,


that its meaning unveiled a deeper feeling and I could understand the concept of protecting and defending  my child,


or grasp and appreciate statements of love


Let’s celebrate this exquisite day, which is inclusive to all women who love and bond with a tiny creature.


Let’s eat cake


And send a big fat juicy kiss to all mommies out there!

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