A Sunny Sunday at the Campus


What a lovely day. Lady Spring is definitely showing her graceful face and aura.IMG_4859

I decided to head towards the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris . Ever since the Middle Ages the University of Paris has always welcomed students from all over the world in what they used to call the “College of Nations”. When the international university campus in Paris was created in 1925 it continued this tradition of the Paris universities: a tradition of welcome.

IMG_4854The Campus has a lush park open, obviously, to students but also to the general public. 

IMG_4851Perfect day for a picnic

11156300_10155463396630427_1282328738753222420_nThis is me, dressed up as a scholar, trying to melt in the students’ crowd. Oh how much I miss those days.

IMG_4850There is another undercover agent chilling.

IMG_4847Yes, this is the real deal. Totally disconnected with his surroundings and focused.

IMG_4849You see all kind of sights. Student-knights practicing jousting…

IMG_4846and student-lovers practicing the art of napping.

IMG_4852Inside the main building floats a quiet atmosphere.

IMG_4853Outside, the British character of the garden and architecture prevails.

IMG_4856The Cité internationale universitaire is a private foundation relying on the patronage and support of individuals.

 Several structures have been designed by architects of note, such as Le Corbusier, Willem Marinus Dudok, Heydar Ghiai and Claude Parent. The residences are organized mostly by nationality, although residents in each maison are not necessarily from the country implied by the naming of the building. 

IMG_4860Will certainly visit again andI highly recommend you visit the site on a sunny Sunday!


  1. ariane says:

    Merci pour tes commentaires très généreux et surtout partager tes souvenirs et emotions avec moi. J’avais aussi le souvenir de ce site comme un lieu de bouillonnement politique dans le debut des années 80 ou les étudiants iraniens vivaient passionnément le tourment de la revolution.

  2. faranak mansour says:

    Shanbé cité?!……….Les samedis après-midi, (dans les années 80) la traversée de ce merveilleux jardin pour atteindre le hall de la Maison Internationale avait une signification politique(réunions hebdomadaires d’une vingtaine de groupuscules politiques). La cité a été pour les étudiants iraniens le reflet du microcosme de la scène politique iranienne….Un lieu mythique que chaque parti voulait l’accaparer pour régner!!!!.Tes photos sont très belles et ensoleillées et en plus tu es rayonnante comme d’hab.!

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